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Moss Vale Aquatic Centre conditions of entry

Conditions of entry

Conditions of entry Features

Conditions of entry

Aquatic Conditions of Entry

  1. Children under the age of 14 years (0-13yrs) will not be allowed entry into the facility without continuous active supervision of a person over the age of 16 years. The person over the age of 16 must provide sufficient identification that proves that they are 16 or over, such as a learners permit, NSW photo card or alternate identification.
  2. Appropriate swim wear must be worn at all times.
  3. Patrons must follow any reasonable instructions given by Moss Vale Aquatic Centre staff.
  4. Banned items are not permitted on the premises. This includ.es but is not limited to scooters, skateboards, footballs and soccer balls.
  5. No animals, drugs, alcohol, glass or porcelain is allowed on the premises.
  6. Smoking is not permitted.
  7. Foul, abusive or inappropriate language or behaviour is not permitted.
  8. Running, pushing, back flips and bombing is not permitted.
  9. Coaching or training must not be conducted for fee or reward without prior permission of management.
  10. Patrons who ignore the Conditions of Entry will be asked to leave the premises.


Health Club Conditions of Entry

  1. The gymnasium facilities and program room are only available to patrons with a current membership or valid casual entry pass.
  2. Gym patrons must be 16 years and over.
  3. Gym patrons must replace all gym equipment immediately upon completion of exercise. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced.
  4. All gym patrons are required to wear suitable attire, shoes and carry a sweat towel and water bottle at all times. Any gym patron not properly attired will be asked to leave the premises.
  5. Wet clothing is not allowed in the gymnasium.
  6. All gym patrons must conduct themselves in a manner which will not cause harm or discomfort to any other Moss Vale Aquatic Centre patron
  7. No food or drinks are to be consumed or permitted in the gymnasium.
  8. Moss Vale Aquatic Centre accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  9. Patrons must report any breakage or damage to equipment immediately to the gym attendant or facility staff.
  10. Bags are not permitted on the gymnasium floor. Please use lockers at health club entrance.
  11. All patrons agree that their membership or entry may be cancelled by Moss Vale Aquatic Centre if they do not adhere to the rules and regulations.
  12. Patrons must adhere to any reasonable instruction or request made by the gym attendant or facility staff member.
  13. You will need a valid, printed ticket from reception must be presented to your group fitness instructor prior to taking part in the class.
  14. Please inform staff if you have any pre-exisiting medial conditions that may alter your participation.
  15. The rules and regulations may be amended by Moss Vale Aquatic Centre at any time.


 Please note;

  • No use of mobile phones, cameras or recording devices in the changerooms